The Chinese were flying kites by 1000 B.C. and may have tried to make them fly stringless, but in Europe it all started, as did so many things, with Leonardo da Vinci in around 1500. After trying to imitate bird flight with flapping wings, and failing to realise that man’s muscle power was not enough to produce lift by flapping, he designed a device with a fixed wing with flapping tips, and thus separated the functions of lift and thrust. He also had the idea of a helical screw helicopter, probably powered either by clockwork or by a twisted steel wire. He died in 1519 and his notes were not discovered till the nineteenth century. Without this 300 year lapse, gliders at least might have been flying by 1600, though the lack of suitably light yet strong materials held back development; cord, cane, paper, leather and feathers was all that was available.


Corby and district model flying was established in 1975 and has approx. 30 members

The model flying club was established for people to learn build and fly radio control models, the club has ran for over 40 years and has members from all age groups and accepts all types of flying aircrafts from planes , helicopters , drones and jets . we run in partnership with the welland glider club and can use the glider club facilities which includes a cabin with running water and full toilet facilities

We meet during the week and weekends as there are no restriction on times at our flying site and we have no noise restrictions

We do a lot of evening flying during the summer months and meet up and fly jets from the main runway on the evenings



There are no requirements to join the club but on joining our club safety officer will meet you and go through the basic rules and also carry out an assessment on your experience.

The cost for a year is £140 which included the BMFA membership and glider club membership and your insurance.