thinking about joining us?

By becoming a member you become part of the BMFA and also the glider club. Where the club flies we also have access to assistance with all model types and also are able to take exams with qualified examiners.

Our own field can be used any day and time and if the gliders are not flying we have use of the main runway which is over 1 mile long.

We meet during the week and weekends as there are no restriction on times at our flying site and we have no noise restrictions.

We do a lot of evening flying during the summer months and meet up and fly jets from the main runway on the evenings.

There are no requirements to join the club but on joining our club safety officer will meet you and go through the basic rules and also carry out an assessment on your experience.

"a great club to be a part of"

how much does it cost?

The joining fee for joining the club is £140.00 per year. 

Whats included?

this gives you BMFA membership & glider club membership and also covers your insurance.​

NEW Online exclusive member zone

Membership will also give you access to our new Online exclusive Members Zone. This gets you into the private forum, events calendar and more! ​


If you are interested in becoming a member, please get in touch to find out more